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Kelly C., Diagnosed with MS in 1996, Female, 45-54, Married

How did you first find out about your relapsing MS?

I woke up with a vision problem in both eyes, so I visited my regular doctor, who referred me to an ophthalmologist for a check-up. The eye doctor sent me for an MRI, and then explained the results of this indicated a possible Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, and referred me to a neurologist. The neurological exam and MRI evaluation confirmed MS.

What emotions did you experience when first diagnosed with relapsing MS?

I was bewildered and in shock. I immediately researched information on MS.

How has your outlook changed today regarding your relapsing MS?

I am generally an optimist. I like researching newly developed medicines/treatment when available and hope for the best.

What would you say to someone who has found out they have relapsing MS?

Do not panic. Remember that MS is not a death sentence. If you MUST contract an incurable neurological disease, this is the right one. Be sure to find a neurologist who specializes in MS, and get on one of the MS disease-modifying drugs right away. Do not pay too much attention to horror stories you hear or read from sources that are not knowledgeable or reliable, and be sure to locate reliable lines of communication to be sure you keep up to date on MS treatment and research, and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are many of us who have been through some of what you're going through now. Talk to someone and figure out how you can handle this and move on to the next day. We all have confidence in you, YOU CAN DO IT.

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