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Debra R., Diagnosed with MS in 1998, Female, 45-54, Married

How did you first find out about your relapsing MS?

I woke up one Tuesday morning with numbness on the top part of my forearm and the top of my thigh on the right side. As the week progressed the numbness began to travel up my arm and down my leg, by weeks end burning had set in my joints. When I visited a doctor of osteopathic medicine he said there was no medical reason for my symptoms. On Saturday I could no longer take the pain and visited a local emergency room. After being examined I was told nothing but to visit a neuro on Monday.

What emotions did you experience when first diagnosed with relapsing MS?

I cried and cried cuz I didnt know much about MS, as soon as I got home I called my mom. She then informed me that my great aunt had MS, as well as my great uncles daughter. (all from the same Denny family) Thats when fear set in because my great aunt had died very young and my distant cousin had walking problems. Then I was angry, why me? What did I do to deserve this?

How has your outlook changed today regarding your relapsing MS?

My outlook changed after I met a doctor that really turned my life around. He understood because he had a brother with MS. He found me a neurologist with MS experience and then got me on medication to reduce the relapses I was experiencing.

What would you say to someone who has found out they have relapsing MS?

Welcome to the family. You now have a new family who will be here for you and who will understand exactly what you are going through. We are all here for you!!!!!

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