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Physical Disability Progression and Flare-ups

Slow physical disability progression

When you're first diagnosed with relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS), you may be worried about your future physical disability progression.

In a 2-year clinical study, it took significantly longer for people taking AVONEX to have increased physical disability, compared with people who weren't treating their MS.

In fact, people taking AVONEX were 37% less likely to have increased physical disability at 2 years.

Most people had no increase in disability

At the end of this 2-year study, 78% of people taking AVONEX had no increase in physical disability, compared with 65% of people who weren't treating their MS.

Live your life with fewer flare-ups

For most people, flare-ups are some of the most noticeable signs of relapsing MS. They're unpredictable and can cause brain lesions and disability that may be permanent. So it's important to work with your doctor to consider a treatment that reduces flare-ups.

AVONEX reduces flare-ups.

In people who were taking AVONEX for the full 2 years of a study, AVONEX reduced flare-ups by 32% compared with people who weren’t treating their MS.

When including the people enrolled in the study who didn’t take AVONEX for the full 2 years, AVONEX reduced flare-ups by 18%.

Early treatment matters

Many experts agree that treatment should start as soon as possible, because MS can progress even if you don't have any symptoms.

In a study of people who had only experienced one flare-upa, people taking AVONEX were 44% less likely to have a second flare-up at 3 years, compared with people who weren’t treating their MS.

  1. A study of people who had experienced a first attack and had lesions consistent with MS on their MRIs.

Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Please see the full Prescribing Information and Medication Guide for additional important safety information. This information is not intended to replace discussions with your healthcare provider.


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